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February 2, 2013

Dear Website or Blog Owner:

You know that the secret to getting first page ranking for your website on the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) is to have lots of backlinks. In other words, you need to get lots of other people.s websites to link to your website. Get lots of links to your site and the search engines reward you handsomely. But without links your site will languish in a vast sea of websites that no one ever finds and no one ever visits.

So how do you get these backlinks? In a minute I.m going to show you a system that makes it easy to get an UNLIMITED number of PURE ONE WAY backlinks from a vast group of websites spread out over a wide range of geographic locations and IP addresses for maximum link power. But first let.s look at the traditional methods for getting links so you.ll see why this system is so useful, time effective and cost effective.

Getting Backlinks - The Dilemma

Until now, getting backlinks was a ridiculously large chore. How do most webmasters do it? They try any of these methods:

  • Send an email to other websites and ask to exchange links
  • Submit their website URL to online directories
  • Participate in online forums and comment on blogs
  • Write articles for ezines
  • Buy links from a link broker or SEO firm
  • Hire individual link builders on forums like DigitalPoint to do linkbuilding for you

The problem is that these methods either
  • No longer work
  • Take many hours of drudgery every day
  • Cost a fortune
  • All of the above

Most webmasters know that reciprocal links ("I'll link to you if you link to me") don't help very much these days, and besides, who wants to spend hours every day sending unsolicited emails to other webmasters on the off chance that one out of 100 of them will actually even answer you email? Online directories may (or may not) publish your link on some page that is buried many levels deep in their directory and isn't even indexed in the search engines. Forums and blog owners are getting more and more sophisticated and they can smell anyone with a marketing agenda from a mile away. Writing articles for ezines is still a good idea, but how many articles do you think you need to write in order to get the number of links you need? To get a large number of links from webpages that the search engines will not see as duplicate content, you'll need to write lots and lots of articles. This is still a good way to market your website, don't get me wrong, but the amount of time you'd need to spend to get a large number of quality links is enormous.

And of course, you can purchase links, or purchase the services of a person or organization that can get these links for you, but the cost can get very large very quickly. Want to buy some quality links? The lowest price I have found is around $3 per link! Most services charge much more than this $10, $100 or even more per link! Need directory submissions? That will set you back a few hundred dollars. No matter which link building service you look at, the cost of buying links adds up to big money really fast.

To solve this problem, I developed a service called Neurolinker about two years ago. This is still a terrific service and (like similar link networks such as Linkvana and 1WayLinks) it still works great. However, Neurolinker is a very comprehensive link building solution and offers more capability than some people want. Furthermore, it uses 3-way links rather than pure 1 way links and some website owners don't want to add any outgoing links to their websites. People who wanted pure 1 way links were forced to go to more expensive systems like Linkvana that cost $100-$200 per month. After working on this issue for many months, I determined that what was really needed was an inexpensive network that lets anyone easily build an unlimited number of backlinks without breaking the bank.

1WayBlogLinks To The Rescue

The solution to this problem is a system I call 1WayBlogLinks. This system has been operating successfully for almost a year as part of the Neurolinker system, but now it is time to roll this out on its own to offer webmasters a terrific backlink building system at a very low cost compared with any other link network.

1WayBlogLinks is a network of WordPress blogs owned by webmasters just like you, spread across a wide range of hosting accounts, geographic locations and IP addresses. There are 12 categories of blogs in 1WayBlogLinks, covering niches like:

  • Diet, Exercise and Fitness
  • Travel and Vacation
  • Make Money Online
  • Loans, Insurance, Money and Investing
  • Education and Self Improvement
  • Health and Ailments
  • Love and Relationships
  • Etc.

Each blog is assigned to the category that most closely matches the topic of its posts and content.

So how would you as a user be able to get backlinks from this network? Simple. Suppose you have a main website (your "money site") to which you want to get backlinks. Suppose also that this website is most closely related to "Health and Ailments". To get backlinks from the "Health and Ailments" blogs in the network, here is what you do:

  1. Create an account. You will of course need an account to use the system. Once you create your account, just login to your account with your email address and password.
  2. Add your own WordPress blogs to the network. If you already have a WordPress blog that exists on its own domain or subdomain and is different from your money site, then you can add that blog. Or, just set up a new domain/subdomain and create a new WordPress blog. The wonderful thing about WordPress is that it is so easy to set up and use. Anyone can have a new blog up and running within an hour or so. After you make a couple of specific configuration changes that are described in detail in 1WayBlogLinks, then just submit this blog to the network with a couple mouse clicks.
  3. Submit blog posts to the network with backlinks to your money site. Note that you submit posts to the NETWORK OF BLOGS, not to your blog. This means that your blog posts, with backlinks to your money site, will appear on all the blogs in the same category as your blog. In other words, you get unlimited relevant backlinks to your money site without making any changes whatsoever to your money site. These are exactly the sort of pure 1 way links that the search engines love!

So, all you need to do in order to get unlimited 1 way backlinks from other blogs in your niche is to (A) add your own Wordpress blog in that niche into the network and (B) write and submit blog posts with links back to your money site.

What can you do if you don't want to write your own blog posts? No problem! Inside 1WayBlogLinks we can set you up with a team of blog post authors who can write your blog posts, with backlinks and anchor text you specify, for as little as $2.50 per blog post. Since each blog post can appear on many hundreds of blogs (many thousands of blogs as the network grows) this is a very small amount of money very well spent.

And don't worry about these backlinks appearing all at once. We know full well that the search engines don.t like to see that. So we drip feed the blogs in the network, making sure that backlinks to your money site appear slowly, a few per day, just the way the search engines like to see links being built.

The 1WayBlogLinks Advantage

Here's what 1WayBlogLinks gives you:

  • Unlimited 1 way backlinks every month. You can get as many new backlinks per month as you want . just submit more blog posts. And as more and more blogs come into the network, you will get more backlinks from all your previous posts too!
  • Pure 1 way links with no footprint. This system is perfect for anyone who wants to get backlinks without making any changes at all on their money sites. These are pure 1 way links that leave no footprint whatsoever.
  • Permanent links. All links from the system are permanent. Even if you leave the network, your links stay forever.
  • Links from the most important pages on the blog. Since most blogs with have new posts displayed prominently on the homepage (at least for a brief period of time) and various category pages, the links you get will be from the more important pages on the blog in terms of visibility to the search engines. Since search engines seem to love WordPress blogs, this means that your money sites get the maximum possible link juice from every blog post.
  • Links with geographic and IP diversity. The blogs in the network are owned by hundreds of individual webmasters and therefore are spread across a wide range of geographic locations and class C IP blocks. This sort of diversity in backlinks maximizes the link juice that each blog post can bring you.
  • Low cost compared with other backlink networks. Other backlink networks charge $50-$200 per month for similar capabilities. But 1WayBackLinks strives to be the affordable alternative, giving you powerful one way backlinks at a small fraction of this price.

What Does It Cost?

Unlike other backlink networks that charge a small fortune, 1WayBlogLinks is very inexpensive. The cost for the service is only $27/month. This is dirt cheap compare with other networks that charge $50-$200 or more every month, and certainly is far less expensive than having an SEO company try to build links for you. 1WayBackLinks strives to be the affordable alternative to expensive link networks and SEO services. With such a low cost, we can build a large network of blogs that everyone can use to generate pure 1 way backlinks effectively and affordably.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and lock in this incredibly low price for the life of your membership!

YES! I want to gain instant access to the 1WayBlogLinks
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I'm confident that you will be thrilled with the 1WayBlogLinks
service. But to give you extra confidence in this service, I
provide a conditional 30 day money back guarantee. The terms
of the guarantee are as follows. If you are unable to use
1WayBlogLinks for any reason, or if you decide that the
service is not for you, then I will refund any payment you
have made to us within the past 30 days. Because the links
you get with 1WayBlogLinks are permanent, this guarantee is
only valid if you have not had any blog posts accepted since
your most recent payment. If you have indeed submitted, and had
accepted, any of your blog posts since your last payment, this
means that you have received new backlinks which are permanent
and which I cannot remove from the blogs in the newtork. In this
case, the guarantee is not valid and does not apply until you have
made another payment, at which time the guarantee applies to that
new payment.

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